Phil Flanagan

Phil is an empath

Added to that gift is a lifelong desire to help people heal and move forward in their lives beyond whatever is troubling them; be it pain, anguish, conflict, loss or even an unknown block holding them back in their professional lives.

“You can’t help what you feel but you can help what you do about it”

Phil’s innate understanding and connection to the energies and strength which exists within us, physically, spiritually and emotionally, empower his work which he describes as helping to ‘take what you have and turn it into what you want’.

This is a major part of what Phil describes as ‘The Philosophy’ surrounding his abilities that have enabled him to help clients around the world; whether captains of industry or everyday people troubled in their relationships or lives.

The process Phil works by with every client is first to connect with then on a level that is totally devoid of Judgement and helps them to bring about awareness of what is at the root of those adverse thoughts, feelings and often, the block in that part of their life. As the understanding grows and evolves and acceptance expands Phil helps the client move towards resolution.

‘I am often asked, “Is it really ok to feel this way to be angry/sad/confused/resentful/upset”. My reply is always the same “You can’t help what you feel but you can help what you do about it”.

Food for thought

The issue is not in the tissue

I see people from all walks of life troubled both personally and professionally. For some it can be difficulty in their mental or emotional life, for others it manifests physically through discomfort, pain or illness. Emotion is an incredibly powerful force but all too often overlooked as the root cause of so many issues. Emotion is potentially mankind’s greatest asset but arguably the least understood. For some though, in the right conditions, stress or disruption, it can be a ticking time bomb.

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